"We are constantly developing new products by taking into account the demands from the market in order to increase the comfort of mask users. With our new investment, we will be among the leading mask manufacturers in Europe."

ERA will increase employment and business volume with 100M TL investment.

ERA, which produces masks and dust masks for healthcare and industrial organizations, is among the leading brands in the sector. Company general manager Erol Memiş stated that they invested an 8 thousand square meter factory in Tuzla, Istanbul, to meet the increasing demands in this period when the importance of mask use became evident, and said, "With our investment of 100 million liras, we will both increase our business volume and employ an additional 200 people."

Stating that they started operating in the occupational safety sector as Başaran Occupational Safety in 2004, the company's incoming manager Erol Memiş said that they started to produce dust masks and respirators under the Era brand. Stating that there was a serious increase in the demand for masks as the pandemic was seen in the world and in Turkey in 2020, Erol Memiş said, "We made a new investment decision to meet these demands and increase our business volume. We invested in a facility of 8 thousand square meters in the Tuzla region of Istanbul. The amount of the current investment is "100 million liras. The installation of machine lines in our new factory continues gradually. After completing all the current investments, we plan to increase our business volume by 30 percent both at home and abroad. We will employ an additional 200 people," he said. Emphasizing that they act by taking into account the demands from users on the product development side, Erol Memiş said, "We are constantly developing new products by taking into account the demands from the market in order to increase the comfort of mask users. It ensures that our company remains vigorous in R&D and P&D."

Compliant with EU Type Examination and ISO 9001 Requirements

Stating that they have distributorships in many regions at home and abroad, Memiş stated that they will increase their service points depending on the increase in production volumes. Emphasizing that underhand mask manufacturers have increased with the pandemic and that this situation should be prevented, Memiş continued his words as follows: "The masks we manufacture comply with EU type examination and ISO 9001 requirements. In this context, inspections in the sector must be increased and a certain level of protection class must be achieved in mask production. "Mask users also have serious responsibilities here. Acting by questioning the standards of the masks they use is important both for the health of the users and for the standardization of mask production."

Conducts Daily Tests on Each Model

Stating that they met the demands from foreign markets with the pandemic and increased the share of exports in total income, Memiş underlined that they will open new distributorships abroad. Emphasizing that they subject the products they develop to various tests in their own laboratories, Memiş said, "Dust masks, in particular, have an important place in the issue of occupational health and safety. We subject the products we develop to various tests in our own laboratories according to ISO and European norms. Thus, ensuring both product and occupational health "We minimize possible risks," he said. Memiş stated that their tests are carried out daily for each model.

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