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ERA is the right option for a reliable mask choice worldwide. As a brand that has proven its quality certificates and compliance with global standards, it is safely exported to every country.

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ERA produces high quality respiratory masks designed to protect from dust, smoke, gas and particles. It offers a wide range of products for safe breathing with FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 options.

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Masks should be selected according to the type of danger to which the user may be exposed. The mask should fit the shape and size of the wearer's face. It is important that the mask is comfortable and comfortable. For proper protection, the chosen mask must fit the face properly.

Respirators are personal protective equipment designed to protect the user's respiratory tract from harmful particles, gases and vapors. These masks are ideal for those who work in dusty environments, are exposed to respiratory risks, or need general respiratory protection. It is widely used in sectors such as construction, healthcare, industry and automotive.

FFP; It means a disposable and maintenance-free mask containing a filter filter for breathing. It has classified the filtering performance of the mask as defined in EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standards.

  • FFP1: Provides 80% protection against water and oil-based harmless dust and moisture.
  • FFP2: Provides 94% protection against water- and oil-based harmless dust, moisture and smoke.
  • FFP3: Provides 99% protection against water and oil-based harmless dust, moisture and smoke, some viruses, micro-biological environments and the pharmaceutical industry.

You can visit our definitions page for more detailed information.

This standard covers the minimum specifications for filtered half masks, which are respiratory protective devices used for protection against particles. For detailed information you can visit TSE (Turkish Standards Institute).

Respirators should be used in accordance with the instructions for use. Before putting on the mask, make sure your face and the mask are clean. When wearing the mask, ensure that the mask fits your face snugly. After removing the mask, make sure your face and mask are clean.

Respirators use filtration to protect the airways from harmful particles, gases and vapors. It traps harmful particles with filters and prevents them from entering the user's respiratory tract. The effectiveness of respirators varies depending on the type of mask and how it is used. In general, particle masks are more effective than gas masks.


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We offer a wide range of products with more than 50 mask models designed for different areas of use.

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We prove ERA's quality and reliability in the global market with high quality respiratory protection masks.

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Using innovation, we develop high-performance masks that provide effective virus protection.

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Our globally accepted certificates represent international quality and safety in every product.

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