In this difficult period when Turkey faced the reality of earthquakes, as ERA, we stood by the cities affected by the earthquake. We tried to give hope to earthquake victims by supporting aid campaigns. We did our best to contribute to Turkey's standing in unity and solidarity.

Get well soon Turkey. We stand by the cities affected by the earthquake.

Turkey faced the reality of the earthquake once again on February 6. This natural disaster affected many cities of our country and turned lives upside down. The first earthquake hit Kahramanmaraş at 04:17 and its epicenter was determined as Pazarcık district. The magnitude of the earthquake was announced as 7.7 and the focal depth was 8.6 kilometers.

As ERA, we took action immediately to stand by Turkey and contribute to social solidarity in this difficult period. We supported those in need by sending emergency aid materials to the regions affected by the earthquake. Additionally, we tried to make people feel that we stand by the earthquake victims by providing financial support to aid campaigns.

My condolences to each of our citizens. We believe that we will get through this difficult process together with Turkey's strong stance and spirit of solidarity. As ERA, we will continue to stand by our country and fulfill our social responsibilities.

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