Actived Carbon Series

7210 AC V FFP2 NR D

  • Compatible with EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 European Standards.
  • Offers high performance and reliability in particulate respiratory protection.
  • It offers effective protection by providing strong filtering against organic odors with its Activated Carbon layer.
  • Dolomite passes the clogging test and has superior breathing resistance in long-term use.
  • Low resistance filter technology helps you breathe easily and effectively.
  • The comfort pad and flexible ropes provide maximum comfort for long-term use.
Actived Carbon Valved Mask Min. %94 protection Disposable Dolomite Dust Test
Feature Description
Series Actived Carbon Series
Model 7210 AC V FFP2 NR D
Protection Level FFP2 (acc. to NPF: 12 X OEL)
Protection Description FFP2 masks provide minimum 94% protection against solid particles, microorganisms and viruses with a size of 0.30 microns.
Colors Grey
Valve Yes
Virus Protection Yes
Use Type Disposable
Usage Areas Construction, shipbuilding, engineering, iron and steel, agriculture, coal mining, etc. solid and water-based particles, sectors where welding operations are carried out, waste sorting, recycling facilities, bad and disturbing odors, non-poisonous gases produced in mechanical work.
CE Certificate Yes
Standards Complies with EN 149:2001+ A1:2009 standards.
Approval Est. BSI Group NB 2797
Barcode 8681248449039
Packing Steel Multiple
Pcs In Box 10
Pcs In Carton 120
Gross Box 4.75 kg
Size of Box 44x45.5x45 cm
  • Choose the mask that best suits your working environment.
  • Read the instructions for use carefully before using the mask.
  • Make the settings of the mask in accordance with the way of use.
  • Check if the mask suits your face.
  • Check the mask before entering the usage area.
  • Test for leakage by breathing, if there is a leak, perform the insertion process again.
  • For mask sealing, the user must have no scars on the beard, moustache, face and head.
  • To use the mask, there must be at least 19.5% oxygen in the work area.
  • Masks are not used in airless places such as wells, warehouses and warehouses where there is not enough oxygen.
  • Change the mask immediately when there is noticeable breathing resistance.
  • Do not make any changes or repairs to the mask.
  • Replace damaged masks before using them.
  • Choose the mask with the appropriate degree of protection.
  • Do not use against volatile aerosols.
  • Protect it from dust and dirt for short uses.
  • Not used in explosive areas.
  • It should be stored in accordance with storage instructions.
  • The temperature of the storage area should be between -20° C and +40° C.
  • Storage area humidity should be maximum 80%.
  • It should be stored away from sunlight.
  • It is not recommended to use products that have expired.
  • The shelf life of stored products is 2 (two) years.

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