ERA 1210 V FFP2 NR D
Duck Series

1210 V FFP2 NR D

  • Compatible with EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 European Standards.
  • Offers high performance and reliability in particulate respiratory protection.
  • Dolomite passes the clogging test and has superior breathing resistance in long-term use.
  • Low resistance filter technology helps you breathe easily and effectively.
  • It reduces the heat generation inside by regulating the air given out with the air valve.
  • The comfort pad and flexible ropes provide maximum comfort for long-term use.
Valved Mask Min. %94 protection Disposable Dolomite Dust Test
Feature Description
Series Duck Series
Model 1210 V FFP2 NR D
Protection Level FFP2 (acc. to NPF: 12 X OEL)
Protection Description FFP2 masks provide minimum 94% protection against solid particles, microorganisms and viruses with a size of 0.30 microns.
Colors White
Valve Yes
Virus Protection Yes
Use Type Disposable
Usage Areas Construction, shipbuilding, engineering, iron and steel, agriculture, coal mining, etc. pharmaceutical industry, medicine, hospital, drop aerosols, protein molecules, viruses, bacterial fungi and spores, asbestos fibers, etc.
CE Certificate Yes
Standards Complies with EN 149:2001+ A1:2009 standards.
Approval Est. BSI Group NB 2797
Barcode 8681248449152
Packing Steel Multiple
Pcs In Box 25
Pcs In Carton 400
Gross Box 6 kg
Size of Box 60x38x30 cm
  • Choose the mask that best suits your working environment.
  • Read the instructions for use carefully before using the mask.
  • Make the settings of the mask in accordance with the way of use.
  • Check if the mask suits your face.
  • Check the mask before entering the usage area.
  • Test for leakage by breathing, if there is a leak, perform the insertion process again.
  • For mask sealing, the user must have no scars on the beard, moustache, face and head.
  • To use the mask, there must be at least 19.5% oxygen in the work area.
  • Masks are not used in airless places such as wells, warehouses and warehouses where there is not enough oxygen.
  • Change the mask immediately when there is noticeable breathing resistance.
  • Do not make any changes or repairs to the mask.
  • Replace damaged masks before using them.
  • Choose the mask with the appropriate degree of protection.
  • Do not use against volatile aerosols.
  • Protect it from dust and dirt for short uses.
  • Not used in explosive areas.
  • It should be stored in accordance with storage instructions.
  • The temperature of the storage area should be between -20° C and +40° C.
  • Storage area humidity should be maximum 80%.
  • It should be stored away from sunlight.
  • It is not recommended to use products that have expired.
  • The shelf life of stored products is 2 (two) years.

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